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Tim Hutton                      +27 83 285 9281

Wendy Hutton                 +27 82 821 0112

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Our Story

Virtualrow was born in 2006 when a group of avid oarsmen came together to create top quality recreational and coastal boats in South Africa under license from Euro Diffusions. Tim Hutton, John Price, Peter Odel and Dave Krumm were untied by their passion for the sport and the desire to make it more accessible for South African rowers.

In 2018 we opened a racing boat manufacturing plant with Olympic oarsman, Roger Tobler, focussing on creating high quality competitive racing singles and doubles.

In 2020 our first full carbon, heavyweight single with carbon bow wing made it onto the water during the rowing season. Although the COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to the 2020 rowing calendar, work has continued and a new lightweight single as well as a middleweight double have been added to the range.

Tim and Wendy Hutton are now hard at work at their operations hub, dedicated to providing the best boats South Africa has to offer.